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Welcome to Forsgrens

Olov Forsgren Is our oldest domain, that we created and reserved for our company Olov Forsgren Consulting AB back in 1996. At that time we operated the company as an independent consultancy where we where specialized in software engineering in the telecommunication industry and programmer training.

We started the company in 1973 under the name Education Sciences AB and then took over the ownership 1974. At the same time we changed the company name to Education Systems AB. 1985 we sold the business but kept the company, which name we changed to Olov Forsgren Consulting AB. We operated the company until October 2010 when we discontinued it. Olov had at that time been retired 9 years and during that time only taken assignments 10% to 30% a year.

Since we have owned the domain 15 years, we decided to keep it when we discontinued our company in the fall 2010. We probably have more links than we know about pointing to this domain and it is well known on the net so there are probably a lot of others pointing to it too. So you can continue to come here and find out what we are up to.


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